What to do with the stuffs that clutter your flat?

Gather them that can be re-used or still useful, those you have difficulty parting away from for some sentimental or other reasons, and those that you are attached and attracted to. Squeeze out your creative juice and genius and turn those stuffs into something useful and/or decorative. Bring out your cutter and scissors; pens, markers, and paint; washi tapes, origami papers, and gift wrappers; glue, glue sticks and glue gun, scotch tape and masking tape; ruler, tape measure, and cutting mat — and do the art attack!

Here are some of the projects I did:

  • Rock salt packaging. Made of hard paperboard, the box was wrapped with washi tapes bought from SM Store, Hypermart, and The Food Hall and is now used as containers for washi tapes.
  • Wristwatch packaging. The black, round, plastic container used to house a Casio watch, a present from a friend, and was wrapped around with a black and white plaid washi tape. It now holds USB flash drives, memory cards, SIM cards, and other tiny paraphernalia that came with my gadgets.
  • Body scrub packaging. Washi tape was also use to circle the translucent green containers that is home now to small stuffs  that would be lost if not properly kept.
  • SPAM tin. Wrapped with washi tape (again!), the empty SPAM tin was turned into a pen holder.


  • Wine bottles. My friends and I used to have a cook-out and some drinks in my place and some empty wine bottle would always be left behind.  So, I wrapped the middle portion of the brown bottle with some twine with a strong glue to keep it in place. The blue bottle was just tied with a tassel that used to tie a wedding invitation. These bottles are now decorative elements on my bookcase.  They can also be used as flower vases.
  • Cream cheese bottle.  The cream cheese bottle is now holding a plant. It was decorated with washi tape.
  • Wedding favor and Starbucks straws.  A pink cup from a wedding of former students, which I am and will not be using, was turned into a flower pot. (Names and wedding date were scratched off.) Origami tulips and leaves were attached to used (and washed) green Starbucks drinking straws and “planted” in the cup. This was intentionally made as a present to a dear friend.


  • Others (not in photo).  Shoe boxes were wrapped in solid colored and patterned gift wrappers that now contain my art materials and CD collection.  I also made pad papers using scrap papers cut into quarters and glued together (using transparent glue) at one end. My officemates would always wait for me to hand them the pad papers, they use it for note taking and scribbling.

Well, these are just some of the things I did and you can also do.  Just be creative.  You may go to YouTube or Pinterest or Google to look for some ideas and inspirations for your projects.



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