Jakarta’s Newest Ride to the Airport

Let’s take the bus! [Foto: Perum PPD Instagram]
There is a new transportation option to and from Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (SHIA or Soetta)!

State-owned corporation, Perum PPD (Perusahaan Umum Pengangkutan Penumpang Djakarta), recently launched JA Connexion,  a bus transportation service connecting three of the largest shopping malls in Jakarta to the three terminals of the airport. Thirty-seater executive buses leave Kelapa Gading Mall and ITC Cempaka Mas in north Jakarta, and Mall Taman Anggrek in west Jakarta on an hourly basis and drop passengers off at SHIA’s Teminals 1, 2, and 3. The service charges an introductory fare of 25,000 rupiahs per trip.

This new transportation option promises passengers and travelers a more comfortable option to go to the airport.

Here are the schedules of trips sourced from Perum PPD’s Instagram account:

Trip schedules from Kelapa Gading Mall (MKG 2) and ITC Cempaka Mas. [Foto: PerumPPD Instagram]
Trip schedule from Taman Anggrek Mall (Condominium Lobby). [Foto: PerumPPD Instagram]
For more information, contact their customer service hotline at (021) 8591-2547/48 ext. 107 or visit their Facebook (Perum PPD), Twitter (@perumppdID), and Instagram (@perumppd) accounts. Perum PPD’s website (www.perumppd.co.id) is ‘under maintenance’ as of this posting.



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