Taking a Walk on a Sunday Morning

Walking in the morning, especially on weekends, has become one my favorite activities. Taking a walk not only aids one’s physical and mental well-being but there are also many beautiful things in the early morning that we don’t see during the rest of the day.

Walking allows me to see a place as it wakes up and rises in the morning. It has become a part of my activities when I travel. Waking up earlier than the usual allows me to see flowers, insects, animals, and plants in their freshest form. The breeze tends to be cooler and there is some kind of smell that lingers in the air. And people are nicer. :o)

One Sunday morning, I brought my camera along with me in my walk and took videos of my neighborhood as it starts its day. The clips were stitched into a 6-minute-plus video that I uploaded on my YouTube channel which I am also sharing with you below. Please do subscribe to my channel, wattagudlyfe, share with your friends, and let me know how you like it.


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