The Greener Spot

Welcome! You are on the greener spot!

My name is Ron and I hide under the name wattagudlyfe. I am a Filipino expat in Jakarta, Indonesia, an ASEAN citizen, an educator by profession (I teach in a business school), and a student of the university of life.

I believe that life is good (make it great!), and there are a lot of things to discover and learn every day. Because of that, life is greener — fresher, newer, and more exciting and fun!


What you will read on The Greener Spot are stories of my travels, trips, adventures, and discoveries. Food will be a significant part of that. This will also be my gallery to show photos that I have taken. I will also pepper my entries with some insights on things that matter to me (and/or you, probably) and those that ‘bother’ me (and/or us, maybe). Basically, any thing and every thing that I feel like sharing with you.

Thank you for dropping by.

Please feel free to follow and to drop me a note — feedback, insight, reaction, suggestion, request, recommendation, or just say “Hi!”.


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