Car-less Sunday in Jakarta

If there is one government program in Jakarta related to the preservation of the  environment and to combating urban pollution that is consistently being implemented, that would be every Sunday morning’s car-free day along Jakarta’s central business districts of Jalan Thamrin and Jalan Sudirman. Originally held twice a month, car-free day is now being held…

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hotel to Book

Choosing a hotel to stay in is like choosing a house to live in.  We have so many considerations and hundreds of choices that would take us days or weeks before we decide to book one.  As a traveler, I take a lot of time in making hotel booking decisions. I often get trapped in…

Phoneless for Five Days

I spent five days without a smartphone. For some people, it would have been disastrous. For me, it was five days of ‘freedom’.

Grateful! Grateful! (An Appreciation List)

2017 is not my definitive year, nor the most life-changing, and definitely not the worst (it’s not bad either). Over-all, it was a good one, and there are tons that I am grateful for.

A Coarse and Fine Brunch [Cafe Cruising 6]

Coarse and Fine  is a two-story affair that is comfortably homey, and a great venue for friends to catch up on each other over great coffee and food, plus excellent service.

Back Home Again

No one will ever understand why a luxury ship has made a dent in our being, why we keep coming back to her, and how Nippon Maru and SSEAYP have changed our lives, literally and figuratively.

Lessons Learned from Life

I have lived away from home since I entered university at 16, lived in at least three cities and stayed short-term in around 10, and travelled to 12 countries, mostly on my own. I have met a lot of people, experienced at least a dozen cultures, and stayed with a few foster and host families. …